This year's March exhibition at the gallery is once again devoted primarily to art created after 1945 as well as to contemporary art. Classics of Austrian modernism are juxtaposed with younger generations of artists and international positions.

Thus, the "St. Stephan Group" (Gruppe St. Stephan) is represented by Markus Prachensky and Josef Mikl, along with the Viennese Actionism (Wiener Aktionismus) with two interesting works by Hermann Nitsch, who passed away in April of 2022.

The "New Wilds" (Neue Wilde) of the 1980s, whose protagonists are now among the most established artists in this country, are featured with paintings by Herbert Brandl, Gunter Damisch and Hubert Scheibl.

There has been an increasing focus on female positions in art, as can be seen in the museum and cultural sector in recent years. Numerous national and international exhibitions bear witness to this. The most recent was the 2022 Venice Biennale with its dense and impressively curated show 'The Milk of Dreams', where an entire wall at the Arsenale was dedicated to Kiki Kogelnik. We, too, are showing various works by this versatile and visionary Austrian artist. An extensive retrospective of her work titled 'Now is the Time' will be on show at the Kunstforum until 26 June 2023, after which it will travel to the Kunstmuseum Brandt in Odense, Denmark, and the Kunsthaus Zürich.

Works by Greta Freist and Martha Jungwirth from the mid-1960s are among the highlights of the exhibition, as are early paintings by Michela Ghisetti, to whom a recent solo exhibition at the Albertina was dedicated. The program is complemented by contemporary works by Gabi Trinkaus and Monika Kus-Picco, whose "Medicine in Colors" has attracted international attention and was also promoted by Hermann Nitsch.

Eduard Angeli, to whom we had the pleasure of dedicating a major exhibition last year, is represented with his latest works. A museum exhibition of his work entitled "Eduard Angeli. Cities on Water" has just opened at the East Gallery of the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach.

With 'Fat Car (Convertible)', the gallery presents a key work by one of Austria's most renowned artists, Erwin Wurm, who continues to expand and reinterpret the concept of sculpture. New and unprecedented forms can also be discovered in the work of Tony Cragg, arguably one of the most important international sculptors of the present day. Two of his Murano glass sculptures, 'Curl white (like marble)' and 'Stack', are on display in the exhibition.

Accompanying the exhibition, as usual, is a carefully researched and comprehensive catalogue.


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